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Proposals for
Shop and Housing design

​Building / interior work

Shop design / general housing

Building consultant

Shop design / Home remodeling / Renovation

Extension / renovation / new construction / public facilities / schools / hospitals / nursing facilities, etc.

Planning and construction of all kinds of architecture

I will make a suggestion.

Shop design


For food and drink, beauty, etc. at road sites, etc.

Store design, interior construction, etc.

From skeletons and skeletons to new construction designs

Office / business base


Companies' offices, own buildings, etc.

From design proposal to construction

We will respond in detail

public facility


Construction of public works, public facilities, etc.

We also accept construction work.



Add new value to existing homes

Design and functionality / comfort

Proposal that combines

Commercial facilities / tenants


Tenant construction / commercial facility stores

Design and environmental construction / site management

We accept a wide variety of construction work such as

Nursing facilities / clinics


Based on usability

Long-term care facilities, clinics, hospitals,

Construction of facilities such as orphanages

We make design proposals

Home remodeling / extension / renovation


Painting / repairing exterior walls and roofs and indoors

Remodeling kitchen, water area, etc.

Construction, extension and renovation work related to housing

We perform a wide range of construction

Newly built / general housing


Familiar with the real estate industry

Based on achievements, all ordinary houses

We will make a proposal for architecture

About construction and interior work

Click here for consultations and inquiries

Trustee Co. , Ltd.

〒454-00041-3-2 Nishihioki, Nakagawa-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi


What customers really want _

We will propose from a real estate professional perspective

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